Antonio Vivaldi: Nisi Dominus (Ps.126) RV608 “Cum Dederit” – Armand Amar, Sandrine Piau


CUM DEDERIT ] One of the most Beautiful Works composed by VIVALDI ! It makes you want to believe that God is love and that this world is beautiful . Even for a few moments! Let yourself be carried away . It’s impossible to resist Vivaldi and such an Sandrine interpretation. Magnificent voice! Your mind will be quiet and your heart in joy. Happiness in its purest form ! Vivaldi… what a gift he gave to this world that will live forever in eternity. Upbeat and uplifting music. Absolutely Sublime.!!

Nisi Dominus (Ps.126) RV608 “Cum Dederit”

Composer: Antonio Vivaldi ◆ Armand Amar & Soprano: Sandrine Piau ◆Click here to buy on:……


◆Video Edited by OLJA

◆Lyrics : Cum dederit dilectis suis somnum; Ecce haereditas Domini, filii: Merces, fructus ventris. When he has given sleep to those he loves, Behold, children are an inheritance of the Lord, A reward, the fruit of the womb

◆This ancient Psalm and describes the fulfilled happiness of one who befriends and relies on God. With Sandrine Piau the Cum Dederit reaches into one’s very soul. Achieves new heights of technical and musical finesse, clearly the fruit of an exceptional collaboration with Armand Amar. Thank you

◆ This upload have the purpose of promoting a Great piece of music . All photos, stills, clips and music are copyrighted to their respective owners. This video is purely for entertainment and recreational purposes. If you like the music, please support the Artists by buying their music through the given portal links.

Absolutely no copyright infringement intended.


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