Johan Sebastian Bach: Christmas Oratorio – BWV 248 – Nikolaus Harnoncourt – Concentus Musicus Wien

J.S.Bach – Nikolaus Harnoncourt – Weihnachtsoratorium – Christmas Oratorio – BWV 248 – Complete Recording. Concentus Musicus Wien – Peter Schreier – Tenor – Robert Holl – Bass – Soloists of the Tölzer Knabenchor – Chorusmaster: Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden No need to introduce this magnificent version of J.S.Bachs Christmas Oratoria I thought. Magnificent both in terms of performance and TV recording (where is the time with the big budgets for projects like this…?) This recording dates from 1982, so about 25 years after the (to me) great performance Kurt Thomas gave of the same piece in Leipzig, Thomaskirche ( Love to read your reflections in the comment box! =================================================

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Track list ⬛️ 0:40 Kantate/Part I (Am Ersten Weihnachtsfeiertage)

⬛️ 27:46 Kantate/Part II (Am Zweiten Weihnachtsfeiertage)

⬛️ 55:58 Kantate/Part III (Am Dritten Weihnachtsfeiertage)

⬛️ 1:18:56 Kantate/Part IV (Am Neujahrstage)

⬛️ 1:43:38 Kantate/Part V (Am Sonntage Nach Neujahr)

⬛️ 2:07:33 Kantate/Part VI (Am Feste Der Erscheinung Christi)


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