Georg Philipp Telemann: trios & quartets – Dominique Tinguely, Sarah Humphrys, Sabine Stoffe, Tore Eketorp, Christian Kjos


On this beautiful recording, Ensemble Meridiana explores a variety of Georg Philipp Telemann’s chamber music. The pieces chosen highlight the mastery of Telemann’s ‘mixed taste’ writing style and are a perfect display of Baroque influences from France, Germany, Italy and Poland. The ensemble’s playing is energetic, vibrant and displays a soft touch which is ideal for interweaving the various mixed tastes within these compositions.

Also featured on this album is a recording only recently discovered not to have been composed by Telemann, but by Pierre Prowo!


Dominique Tinguely, recorder & bassoon

Sarah Humphrys, oboe

Sabine Stoffe, violin

Tore Eketorp, viola da gamba

Christian Kjos, harpsichord

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