Georg Friedrich Händel: Pena tiranna / Act 2 Scene 5 from Amadigi di Gaula (HWV 11) – Ensemble Orfeo 55, Nathalie Stutzmann

Nathalie Stutzmann with her ensemble Orfeo 55 The role of Dardano was a trouser role originally played by contralto Diana Vico (fl. 1707–32).
In this aria, Dardano laments his unrequited love for Oriana, the faithful beloved of his best friend Amadigi.
Pena tiranna
io sento al core,
né spero mai
trovar pietà.
Amor m’affanna
e il mio dolore
in tanti guai
pace non ha.
Grief is the tyrant
of my heart,
nor do I ever
hope to find compassion.
Frantic with love,
my aching heart,
besieged by grief,
can find no peace.
[English translation by Avril Bardoni]
From the CD Handel:
Photography in the video by Kyle Thompson:

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