Georg Philipp Telemann: Sonata in F major – Gonzalo X. Ruiz, Voices of Music, Hanneke van Proosdij, David Tayler, William Skeen


The Sonata in F Major (complete) by Georg Philipp Telemann TWV 41:F3, from the collection XII Solos a Violon ou Traversière avec la basse chiffrée (Hamburg, 1734). The movements are marked Andante, Vivace, Grave and Allegro; the final allegro is in the form of a Gigue. Live HD Video from the Voices of Music Great Artists Concert, January, 2010. Featuring Gonzalo X. Ruiz, baroque oboe; Hanneke van Proosdij, harpsichord; William Skeen, baroque cello, and David Tayler, archlute. Over his long lifetime, Telemann wrote dozens of solo sonatas in a wide variety of styles. The 1734 collection shows the composer not only writing in a mature style, but also having forged a unique creative language that is a synthesis of international influences–somewhat removed from the influential Corellian model of the previous generation. The music is set within a range of notes so that it may be played either on the violin or a wind instrument, and Ruiz’s performance makes a convincing case for the baroque oboe. Visit us on Facebook at

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