Domenico da Piacenza: La Gelosia – Leonardo da Vinci program – Voices of Music, Shira Kammen, Malachai Bandy, Peter Maund, Rotem Gilbert

The 15th century dance “La Gelosia” by Domenico da Piacenza. Live, 4K video from our award winning concert: Leonardo da Vinci: a musical Odyssey, San Francisco, performed by the Early Music ensemble Voices of Music. Please consider a donation to help us make these videos! Musicians: Rotem Gilbert, renaissance bagpipes; Shira Kammen, vielle; Malachai Bandy, hurdy gurdy, and Peter Maund, percussion. The Italian dance-master and composer Piacenza wrote the earliest surviving dance treatise, De arte saltandi et choreas ducendi (The Art of Dancing). Piacenza worked at several courts, including those of the Estes and the Gonzagas. As a young man, Leonardo da Vinci would have known both the dance and the tune. Like the renaissance tourdion, La Gelosia alternates between two tonal registers. The dance was very popular and appears in more than eight different sources. You can see the original manuscript here:… This work is here presented for the first time in 4K, ultra high definition video.

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