Henry Purcell: «Prophetess or The History of Dioclesian» Z.627 – Monteverdi Choir & Orchestra Monteverdi – John Eliot Gardiner

Henry PURCELL 1659-1695

«Prophetess or The History of Dioclesian»
Semi-Opera, 1690

1. First Music
2. Second Music
3. Overture

First Act Tune: Hornpipe

5. Great Diocles the Boar has kill’d
6. Charon, the peaceful Shade invites – Symphony – Let all mankind the pleasure share
7. Let the soldiers rejoice
8. Ritornello – To Mars let ’em raise – Ritornello [
9. A Symphony of flutes in the air – Since the toils and the hazards of war … Let the priests with processions … All sing Diocles’ glory
10. Dance of Furies
11. Second Act Tune
12. Chaconne [Two in one upon a Ground]

13. When first I saw
14. The Chair Dance
15. What shall I do
16. Third Act Tune

17. Butterfly Dance
18. Trumpet Tune
19. Sound Fame
20. Fourth Act Tune

21. Country Dance
22. Call the Nymphs
23. Come, come away
24. Prelude & Chorus, Paspe
25. Ah the sweet delights of love
26. Let monarchs fight
27. Since from my dear
28. Make room
29. One of Cupid’s Followers
30. Tell me why my charming fair
31. Dance
32. All our days
21. Triumph, victorious love

Rogers Covey-Crump [Tenor]
Gillian Fisher [Soprano]
Lynne Dawson [Soprano]
Paul Elliott [Tenor]
Michael George [Bass]
Stephen Varcoe [Bass]

Monteverdi Choir
Monteverdi Orchestra
John Eliot Gardiner [direction]

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