Jean-Baptiste Lully: «Les Amants magnifiques» LWV 42 [Dormez, beaux yeux] – Les Paladins, Jérôme Correas, Jean-François Lombard, Jérôme Billy, Virgile Ancely

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Georg Friedrich Händel, “The ways of Zion do mourn” HWV 264, Les Arts Florissants – William Christie

Georg Friedrich Händel 1685 – 1759

“The ways of Zion do mourn”
Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline HWV 264 [1737]:

I. Symphony [Largo assai] 0:01
II. The ways of Zion do mourn [Larghetto e staccato] 2:06
III. How are the mighty fall’n! [Chorus] 8:25
IV. She put on righteousness [Chorus] 10:03
V. When the ear heard her [Andante larghetto] 12:54
VI. How are the mighty fall’n! [Adagio] 17:00
VII. She deliver’d the poor that cried, the fatherless [Andante] 17:50
VIII. How are the mighty fall’n! [Adagio] 24:54
IX. The righteous shall be had [Larghetto e staccato] 25:47
X. Their bodies are buried in peace [Grave] 29:11
XI. The people will tell of their wisdom [Grave] 34:48
XII. They shall receive a glorious kingdom [Larghetto] 36:51
XIII. The merciful goodness of the Lord endureth for ever [Larghetto] 40:52

William Christie [direction]

Nicole Dubrovich, Brigitte Pelote, Juliette Perret, Isabelle Sauvageot, Virginie Thomas, Sheena Wolstencro, Leila Zlassi, Jennifer Courcier [sopranos]
Alice Gregorio, Violaine Lucas [mezzo-sopranos]
Brian Cummings, Nicolas Domingues, Bruno Le Levreur, Yann Rolland [countertenors]
Nicola sMaire, Jean-Yves Ravoux, Bruno Renhold, Michael-Loughlin Smith, Thibaut Lena [tenors]
Virgile Ancely, Pierre Bessière, Laurent Collobert, Christophe Gautier, Marduk Serrano Lopez [basses]

Florence Malgoire [violin solo]
Myriam Gevers, GuyaMartinini, Martha Moore, Satomi Watanabe, Amandine Solano
Catherine Girard [second violin solo]
Jean-Paul Burgos, Sophie Gevers-Demoures, Valérie Mascia, Michèle Sauvé, Paul-Marie Beauny
Galina Zinchenko, Simon Heyerick, Michel Renard, Myriam Bulloz [violas]
David Simpson, Emmanuel Balssa, Ulrike Brütt, Alix Verzier, Geneviè veKoerver [cellos]
Serge Saitta [flute]
Jonathan Cable, Michael Greenberg [double bass]
Michel Henry, Antoine Torunczyck [oboes]
Claude Wassmer, Philippe Miqueu [bassoons]
Jean-FrançoisMadeuf, Joël Lahens, Gilles Rapin [trumpets]
Marie-Ange Petit [timpani]
BéatriceMartin [harpsichord, organ]