Georg Friedrich Händel: The aria “Ombra mai fu” (Opera Serse) – Christopher Lowrey – Voices of Music – Lisa Grodin – Kati Kyme – Carla Moore – Maxine Nemerovski – Elisabeth Reed – Farley Pearce – David Tayler – Hanneke van Proosdij – Gabrielle Wunsch

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Antonio Vivaldi: Abbia respiro il cor (La Silvia RV 734) – Christopher Lowrey, Voices of Music

The aria Abbia respiro il cor, from Vivaldi’s “La Silvia.” Live, UHD video from the award winning Voices of Music concert “Harmonic Labyrinth,” December, 2019. Christopher Lowrey, countertenor. Please subscribe to our channel!… “Silvia” refers to Rhea Silvia, the mythical mother of the twins Romulus and Remus, who founded the city of Rome. The original score of La Silvia is lost; fortunately, like Handel, Vivaldi was a compulsive recycler of arias, and it is possible to reconstruct most of the work. This concert won the SFCV Audience Choice Award 2020.

Translation Abbia respiro il cor (La Silvia) del Lazio il reggio allor  già ben vedrai qual sia,  ma ciò, che all’alma mia ch’io provo e dir nol sò.  Nè più t’innondi il sen  di gelosia il seren,  perche de tanti affanni  dell’anima tiranni  il duolo al fin cangiò.   —Enrico Bissari Give the heart respite As you will see what Lazio’s reign is,  But I cannot say  What is truly in my soul.   No more will poisonous jealousy  Seep into your heart,  And from such troubles  From the tyrants of the soul The sadness comes to an end

Georg Friedrich Händel: Dove sei (aria from Rodelinda HWV 19) – Christopher Lowrey, Voices of Music

Handel’s aria, “Dove sei, amato bene” from the opera Rodelinda HWV 19. Live, 4K video from our award winning Musical Labyrinth concert, December, 2019. Christopher Lowrey, countertenor Voices of Music Hanneke van Proosdij & David Tayler, directors Dove sei, amato bene! Vieni, l’alma a consolar Sono oppresso da’ tormenti ed i crudeli miei lamenti sol con te posso bear. Dove sei… —Nicola Francesco Haym Where are you, beloved? Come console my heart! I am beset by sorrow, And my cruel grief I can only bear with you. Where are you… Copyright Voices of Music 2019

Antonio Vivaldi: Gelido in ogni vena (Winter): Christopher Lowrey, Voices of Music

The aria Gelido in ogni vena from Vivaldi’s opera Farnace. Live, 4K video from the Voices of Music “Harmonic Labyrinth” concert, December, 2019. Chirstopher Lowrey, countertenor. Vivaldi borrows lavishly from his “Winter” concerto from the Four Seasons for the introduction and ritornelli. The trills in the repeated notes are not notated in the manuscript, and are typically not performed nowadays, but in Vivaldi’s time everyone in the orchestra would have known to add the trills for the “Frozen” effect–an effect that by then had been widely used by composers all over Europe, and so they are presented here. One of Vivaldi’s finest works. The manuscript is unusual for the rich layer of carefully notated ornaments for the voice–clearly, Vivaldi had a skilled soloist in mind, possibly the contralto Maria Maddalena Pieri. Text and translation:

Gelido in ogni vena (Il Farnace) Scorrer mi sento il sangue L’ombra del figlio esangue M’ingombra di terror E per maggior mia pena, Credo che fui crudele A un’anima innocente, Al core del mio cor —Antonio Maria Lucchini I feel my blood like ice Coursing through every vein. The shadow of my lifeless son Is a burden of terror. And to make my agony even worse I realize that I was cruel To an innocent soul To the heart of my heart