Antonio Vivaldi: Cello Concerto in D Minor RV 407 –  William Skeen,  Voices of Music 

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Category 1: Favorite performers. Best Chamber Music Ensemble: Voices of Music Best Early/Baroque Ensemble: Voices of Music Best Orchestra: Voices of Music Best Conductor: Hanneke van Proosdij Best Instrumentalist: Augusta McKay Lodge Category 2: Favorite Performance Early Music/Baroque: Voices of Music: The Art of the Violin Orchestra: Voices of Music: Virtuoso Concertos with Elizabeth Blumenstock and Rachell Ellen Wong Category 8: Favorite Streaming Performance or Series: Voices of Music TV Sundays at Ten The concerto for cello and strings in D Minor by Antonio Vivaldi, performed on an original baroque cello by William Skeen. 4K video from the Voices of Music award winning “Harmonic Labyrinth” program, December, 2019.

0:00 Allegro 3:04

Largo 6:24

Allegro #Vivaldi #CelloConcerto


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