Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in D Minor for two violins & cello RV 565, Voices of Music. Carla Moore, Rachell Ellen Wong, William Skeen.

The Concerto in D Minor for two violins and violoncello, performed on original instruments by the award winning Early Music ensemble Voices of Music. Carla Moore, Rachell Ellen Wong and William Skeen, soloists. 4K ultra high definition video from the “Harmonic Labyrinth” concert, December, 2018.

Voices of Music directed by Hanneke van Proosdij & David Tayler. This concerto, from Opus 3, was studied by Johann Sebastian Bach. A fleet stretto for the two solo violins opens the work, followed by a pointed Adagio which flows into an extended, angular fugue with extensive development, fragmentation and inversion of the subject and the stepwise countersubject.

The fugue is followed by poignant slow movement for solo violin accompanied by the high strings, and brilliant, coda-like allegro closes out the concerto. The concerto highlights Vivaldi’s mastery of complex counterpoint. The third violin: in the opening stretto, the pedal point is shared by the two soloists in alternation, creating the illusion of a third player.

I. Allegro 0:00

II. Adagio e spiccato 0:43

III. Allegro 1:09

IV. Largo e spiccato 3:51

V. Allegro 6:09

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