Johann Sebastian BachBach: Trauerode: Lass, Fürstin, lass noch einen Strahl BWV 198 – Luks | Netherlands Bach Society, Václav Luks, Lucie Chartin, Luciana Mancini, Thomas Hobbs, Felix Schwandtke

In 1727 Bach composed a funeral cantata: ‘Lass, Fürstin, lass noch einen Strahl’ BWV 198, better known as the ‘Trauerode’, here performed by the Netherlands Bach Society conducted by Václav Luks. The music was written for a memorial service for Christiane Eberhardine, wife of Augustus the Strong, Elector of Saxony. The ‘Trauerode’ is undoubtedly one of Bach’s most moving compositions. He could not have given stronger confirmation of the esteem in which the deceased electress was held. From start to finish, the work is characterised by an ardour that is lent extra cachet through the rich orchestration, which includes two oboes d’amore, two gambas and two lutes. “The music is charged with intimacy, with an extremely personal feel, as if a family member has died”, says the conductor Václav Luks. Recorded for the project All of Bach on 7 March 2020 at Grote Kerk, Naarden.

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Netherlands Bach Society Václav Luks, conductor Lucie Chartin, soprano Luciana Mancini, alto Thomas Hobbs, tenor Felix Schwandtke, bass

0:00 Lass, Fürstin, lass noch einen Strahl (Chor)

5:49 Dein Sachsen, dein bestürztes Meißen (Rezitativ)

7:06 Verstummt, verstummt, ihr holden Saiten! (Arie)

10:12 Der Glocken bebendes Getön (Rezitativ)

11:11 Wie starb die Heldin so vergnügt! (Arie)

18:09 Ihr Leben ließ die Kunst zu sterben (Rezitativ)

19:19 An dir, du Fürbild großer Frauen (Chor)

20:55 Der Ewigkeit saphirnes Haus (Arie)

24:35 Was Wunder ists? (Rezitativ und arioso)

26:52 Doch, Königin! du stirbest nicht (Chor)

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