Antonio Vivaldi: Abbia respiro il cor (La Silvia RV 734) – Christopher Lowrey, Voices of Music

The aria Abbia respiro il cor, from Vivaldi’s “La Silvia.” Live, UHD video from the award winning Voices of Music concert “Harmonic Labyrinth,” December, 2019. Christopher Lowrey, countertenor. Please subscribe to our channel!… “Silvia” refers to Rhea Silvia, the mythical mother of the twins Romulus and Remus, who founded the city of Rome. The original score of La Silvia is lost; fortunately, like Handel, Vivaldi was a compulsive recycler of arias, and it is possible to reconstruct most of the work. This concert won the SFCV Audience Choice Award 2020.

Translation Abbia respiro il cor (La Silvia) del Lazio il reggio allor  già ben vedrai qual sia,  ma ciò, che all’alma mia ch’io provo e dir nol sò.  Nè più t’innondi il sen  di gelosia il seren,  perche de tanti affanni  dell’anima tiranni  il duolo al fin cangiò.   —Enrico Bissari Give the heart respite As you will see what Lazio’s reign is,  But I cannot say  What is truly in my soul.   No more will poisonous jealousy  Seep into your heart,  And from such troubles  From the tyrants of the soul The sadness comes to an end

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