Antonio Vivaldi: Mentre dormi (L’Olimpiade RV 725) – Christopher Lowrey, Voices of Music

The aria “Mentre dormi from Vivaldi’s opera “L’Olimpiade,” Christopher Lowrey, countertenor. Live, 4K ultra HD video from the Voices of Music “Art of the Countertenor” concert, March, 2016. In Vivaldi’s manuscript, the composer calls for mutes on all the bowed strings to create a serene atmosphere for this sleep aria. We have retranscribed the “B” section of the work based on our reading of the composer’s abbreviations for the repeated notes in the strings, or “semicrome.” Vivaldi’s opera premiered in Venice in 1734.

Text and translation: Mentre dormi, Amor fomenti il piacer de’ sonni tuoi con l’idea del mio piacer. Abbia il rio passi più lenti; e sospenda i moti suoi ogni zeffiro leggier. While you sleep, may Love give comfort to your restful sleep with the idea of my own contentment. Let the river flow slower and slower, and all motion cease, even to the slightest breath of air.

–Pietro Metastasio Copyright

2020 Voices of Music

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