Georg Philipp Telemann: Sonata in G Major TWV 41:G4 – Kate Clark, Voices of Music, William Skeen, Hanneke van Proosdij


Telemann published two sets of “methodical” sonatas (12 Sonate Metodiche) in two sets of six in 1728 and 1732. The sonatas are unusual in that Telemann printed a complete set of ornaments for each sonata, so that the musicians could easily see the way in which a skilled player could ornament a musical line. We present here the opening Cantabile of the Sonata in G Major performed by Kate Clark on the baroque flute, with William Skeen, viola da gamba, and Hanneke van Proosdij, harpsichord. 4K Ultra High Definition video from Voices of Music. Telemann’s original print is available online, and we hope you will follow along with his music 🙂

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