PLANET EARTH- A Timelapse & Hyperlapse Film Across The World – Kevin Eassa

4 years, 47 countries, and more than 80,000 still images later… this time-lapse film explores the depth of our beautiful planet. This film explores everything from the 7 wonders of the world, to tropical beaches, to bustling metropolises, to luxury private islands, to rainforests, to popular landmarks, to some of the highest mountains on the planet- this film includes everything our beautiful world has to offer. 4k Planet Earth encompasses the last 4 years of my journey and is comprised of over 80,000 still images. This film is the most meaningful piece of art I have ever made, I hope you enjoy!

Turn your passion for cameras and travel into a full time job – Phone Wallpapers, Private Monthly Q & A’s, Photo Critiques, Photography Prints, and Private Coaching Calls:

Help support the journey! “There is so much more out there, you just need to be willing to go find it… Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Unknown Created by: Kevin Eassa Shot on Sony a7III, Sony a7II, and Sony a6000 with a variety of lenses. This film includes the following locations:

-Japan -Singapore -Taiwan -Thailand -Canada -Iceland -Argentina -Indonesia -Chile -The French Alps -Colorado -Peru -Montana -Switzerland -Utah -Arizona -San Francisco -Italy -Amsterdam -London -Mumbai -New York City -Ireland -Paris -Las Vegas -Puerto Rico -The Greek Islands -Kuala Lumpur -Hong Kong -Nepal -Mexico -The Maldives -The Andes Mountains -The Rocky Mountains -Patagonia -Yosemite National Park -Wyoming -California

Music Credit: -Butterfly- Bassnectar ft. Mimi Page -Wicked- GRiZ ft. Eric Krasno -Higher Ground (Reprise Instrumental)- Odesza -Outro- M83 -Darkest Night- Tony Anderson ft. James Everingham Let’s Connect!

Instagram: @kevineassa For business inquiries or licensing requests, please contact:

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