Antonio Vivaldi: Four Seasons: Spring (La Primavera) RV 269 – Alana Youssefian & Voices of Music

The complete concerto, “La Primavera” (Spring), from the Four Seasons. Voices of Music, Alana Youssefian, baroque violin. The concerto is here presented in 4K, ultra high definition video, performed on original instruments. For this video, a new edition was prepared from the original sources, prints and manuscripts for Vivaldi’s music. In preparing this performing edition, we made the musicological decision that the indication for mutes in the Allegro (“con Sordine”) for the violins is misplaced in the original print (there is no indication in the Manchester part books), and the mutes should be in the Largo (and, importantly, not in the final movement). The mutes now provide a textural fence between the violas and the soloist. Vivaldi writes that the last movement is a rustic dance to the sound of bagpipes (“Zampogna”). So we also listened to some old style Italian bagpipes and added a few notes to the drones in Vivaldi’s bass part to recreate this brilliant and special sound. Here is our new version, with the muted violins in the slow movement, and the vibrant, un-muted final allegro. Special thanks to Michael Talbot.NB: Subtitles are by Antonio Vivaldi! Visit us on the web at Ms Youssefian is represented by Schwalbe and Partners… #Vivaldi #Spring #FourSeasons

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