Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita in A Minor for flute, Allemande BWV 1013 – Kate Clark

Hey everyone~! Please consider a donation,…. and we will make more videos like this one 🙂 The allemande from the Partita in A Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed on the baroque flute by Kate Clark. Voices of Music FAQ Q. How can I support Voices of Music? A.

Donate here: and we will make more videos like this one 🙂 These videos cost thousands of dollars to make, and the money comes from individual donors. Q. Where can I learn more about this music? A. You can visit our website, Also, subscribe to our video channel! Just click on the logo on our videos. Q. Where can we hear you play in concert? A. We perform in the San Francisco Bay Area. For a concert schedule, visit our website or join our mailing list Q. Where can I buy CDs? Our CDs are available on iTunes, Google, Amazon, CD Baby and just about everywhere; you can also buy a CD in a jewel case from Kunaki: Q. What is Early Music performance, or historical performance? A. We play on instruments from the time of the composers, and we use the original music and playing techniques: it’s a special sound. Q. Why are there no conductors? A. Conductors weren’t invented until the 19th century; since we seek to recreate a historical performance, the music is led from the keyboard or violin, or the music is played as chamber music~or both 🙂 Q. What are period instruments or original instruments; how are they different from modern instruments? A. As instruments became modernized in the 19th century, builders and players tended to focus on the volume of sound and the stability of tuning. Modern steel strings replaced the older materials, and instruments were often machine made. Historical instruments, built individually by hand and with overall lighter construction, have extremely complex overtones—which we find delightful. Modern instruments are of course perfectly suited to more modern music. Q. Why is the pitch lower, or higher? A. Early Music performance uses many different pitches, and these pitches create different tone colors on the instruments. See The music is sourced from an undated manuscript; the handwriting suggests that the copyist worked on the violin partitas as well. The title is marked “Solo p[our une] flûte traversière par J. S. Bach.” The style of the opening allemande is similar to several of Bach’s preludes, and contains some of his finest work as a composer. 4K ultra high definition video from Voices of Music. Visit us on FB 🙂 Visit Kate’s page at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague: Baroque flute by Martin Wenner, after an original instrument by Carlos Palanca, Turin, 18th century. #Bach #Partita

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