Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata Lobe den Herren BWV 137 – Netherlands Bach Society, Peter Dijkstra, Miriam Feuersinger, Alex Potter, Thomas Hobbs, Peter Kooij

Bach set clear limits for himself in ‘Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König der Ehren’, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society for All of Bach. He used the complete unaltered text of a well-known hymn by Joachim Neander. The original hymn has five verses and the cantata has the same number of movements. There are no recitatives. Such a piece is also referred to as a chorale cantata. Recorded for the project All of Bach on February 18th 2017 at the Walloon Church, Amsterdam.

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All of Bach is a project of the Netherlands Bach Society / Nederlandse Bachvereniging, offering high-quality film recordings of the works by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society and its guest musicians.

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Netherlands Bach Society

Peter Dijkstra, conductor

Miriam Feuersinger, soprano

Alex Potter, alto

Thomas Hobbs, tenor

Peter Kooij, bass

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