Antonio Vivaldi: Forse, o caro, in questi accenti from the opera Farnace RV 711 – Julia Böhme, La Folia Barockorchester, Robin Peter Müller

Forse, o caro, in questi accenti from the opera Farnace, RV 711by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

Julia Böhme, alto

La Folia Barockorchester under Robin Peter Müller


Forse, o caro, in questi accenti

col tuo labbro mi favela qualche Nume,

o qualche stella che rigor più non avrà

Qualche Nume che vorrà, qualche stella che saprà raddolcire

I miei tormenti consolar la fedeltà.

Can it be, my love, that in your tone of voice,

and with your lips, some numinous spirit or lucky

star is telling me that your anger will be no more?

Some spirit that has the will,

some lucky star that has

the power to ease my torment and console my loyalty.

available from Accent:… from the back of this CD, titled Seconda Donna: Handel, Vivaldi: In all other respects, the primadonnas, the title figures and central heroines, stand at the centre of the spotlight. Handel and Vivaldi also had a special affection for the “women in the shadows“ – for the queens, the servants or the spurned lovers, mostly sung in female alto voice. They were given breathtakingly beautiful arias: full of lament, sensuality, vengefulness or fury.

Art in the video by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912)

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