The Gipsy Baroque: Fà nyé mama for two recorders, chalumeau, strings & b.c. -Ensemble Caprice, Matthias Maute, Sophie Larivière, Mark Simons, David Greenberg, Olivier Brault, Pami Paull, Susie Napper, Francis Palma-Pelletier, David Jacques, Ziya Tabassian, Carmen Genest


FÀ NYÉ MAMA – 0:05 for two recorders, two violins, chalumeau, viola, violoncello and basso continuo

Arrangements and cadenzas by Matthias Maute

Sophie Larivière (recorder I)

Matthias Maute (recorder II)

Mark Simons (chalumeau)

David Greenberg (violin I)

Olivier Brault (violin II)

Pami Paull (viola)

Susie Napper (violoncello)

Francis Palma-Pelletier (double bass)

David Jacques (baroque guitar)

Ziya Tabassian (percussion)

Carmen Genest (voice)

Ensemble Caprice / Matthias Maute (conductor)

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