Antonio Caldara: Se vedrai avvampar le lucciolette – Simone Kermes


Simone Kermes, crowned “Queen of Baroque” by Opera News, presents her eagerly awaited follow-up album to her multi-award-winning album Lava.
“Colori d’amore” is a collection of rediscovered baroque arias exploring the various facets of love overflowing with poetry, passion and dazzling virtuosity.
Thirteen of the fourteen arias on the disc are world-premiere recordings of forgotten arias by Bononcini, Broschi, Caldara, Matteis and Scarlatti and have been carefully researched by Claudio Osele, who already collaborated with the soprano on her previous album Lava.
“Colori d’amore” – Website:…
Il nome più glorioso — Amore
Wenn du siehst,
wie die bescheidenen
Glühwürmchen aufleuchten,
dann ist ihre
Glut nur ein Spiel.
Doch wenn je der
Phönix in Liebe erglüht,
dann ist es
wirkliches Feuer.
* If you see the simple
little fireflies
flare up, their
ardour is merely a game.
And if ever the
phoenix falls in love,
that then
goes up in flames.
Text: Pietro Pariati

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