Canço de bresol xilena: Hace Tuto Guagua (performed by Familion) – Film Argo (2012)


Tema utilizado para la película “Argo” realizada en el año 2012. ***

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A beautiful Chilean children’s lullaby capella by the folk Chilean group Familion called “Hace Tuto Guagua” and which was taken from the 1997 album The Planet Sleeps. Album: “Argo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”

Track 17: “Hace Tuto Guagua”

Composed: Traditional.

Performed: Familion

Arranger, Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Vocals: Tato Gomez Vocals: Bibi Gomez.

Producer: Alexandre Desplat Courtesy of Epic

Records by arrangement with Sony Music Licensing Label: WaterTower

Music Phonographic Copyright (p): WaterTower Music Copyright (c): WaterTower

Music Production Companies: GK FilmS & Smokehouse

Pictures Distributed: Warner Bros. Pictures

Album: “The Planet Sleeps” Track 6: “Hace Tuto Guagua” Label: Work Phonographic

Copyright (p): Sony Music

Entertainment Inc. Copyright (c): Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

THE PLANET SLEEPS 16 Traditional Lullabies From Around The Globe.

(C) 1997 Sony Music Entertainment Inc./Compilation. (P) 1996 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Letra/Lyrics: Haga tuto, guagua,

Sleep, child, que parió la gata,

that the cat gave birth

cinco borriquitos to five little donkeys y una garrapata.

and a tick

Duérmete niñito, Sleep little child, que viene la vaca,

that the cow is coming con cachos de oro with pieces of gold

y la uña ’e plata and the nail of silver

Duérmete guaguita,

Sleep little child,

que viene la cierva,

that the doe is coming a

saltos y brincos jumping and hopping

por entre las piedras.

among the stones

Duérmete guaguita,

Sleep little child, que tengo que hacer, that I have to do lavar los pañales, wash the diapers sentarme a coser. sit down to sew Si te duermes, hijo, If you sleep, son, te daré una flor, I will give you a flower y un pan de rescoldo and an embers bread de Constitución.


from Constitucion Haga tuto, guagua, que parió la gata, cinco borriquitos y una garrapata.

Source: All the lyrics/CD Universe/

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