Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Oboe Concerto in B flat major Wq 164 – Stefan Schilli, Christopher Hogwood, Bach Collegium München

In this recording of a concert at the Prinzregententheater in Munich in 1998, the Bach Collegium München performs under the direction of Christopher Hogwood, one of the most reputed representatives of historically correct performance, practice several works of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

Stefan Schilli – oboe

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach – Oboe Concerto in B flat major, Wq 164

0:46 I. Allegretto
8:55 II.Largo e mesto
16:06 III. Allegro moderato

Click here to watch the complete programme:…

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, considered in his generation as the most successful composer of the Bach family, spent most of his life in Berlin at the court of Frederic the Great. His fame already during his life resided mainly in that he was considered a great teacher, author of the famous book „Versuch über die wahre Art Clavier zu spielen“ („Essay on the True Way to play the Piano“). Beyond that he was famed to be an outstanding improviser, surpassing all rivals. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was especially esteemed by great composers such as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert who all confessed to have learned from him. Yet he never founded any school. His way of composing is singular, intelectual, often somewhat hard edged, always stern, even when he was being witty. It‘s music for intelligent listeners and outstanding musicians because, very much like Beethoven, he never had any regards for the instrument he was writing for.

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