Henry Purcell: «Timon of Athens» Z.632 – Musica Ad Rhenum – Jed Wentz

Henry Purcell

«Timon of Athens»
Semi-Opera Z. 632

The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus
1. A Symphony of pipes imitating the chirping of birds [Orchestra] 0:01
2. Hark how the Songsters of the Grove [First and Second Nymph] 3:36
3. Love in their little veins inspires [First Nymph] 5:11
4. But ah! how much are our delights more dear[First Nymph/Second Nymph/Follower of Cupid] 6:32
5. Hence with your trifling Deity[First, Second and Third Follower of Bacchus] 7:52
6. Come all, come all to me, make haste [Cupid] 10:05
7. Who can resist such mighty Charmes [Chorus] 11:14
8. Return revolting Rebells where d’ye goe? [Bacchus] 12:49
9. The Cares of Lovers, their Allarms [Cupid] 14:31
10. Love quickly is pall’d tho’ with Labour ’tis gain’d [Fourth Follower of Bacchus] 16:15
11. Come let us agree [Cupid/Bacchus/Grand Chorus] 17:27

Musica Ad Rhenum
Jed Wentz [conductor]

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