Jean-François Dandrieu: La musète et double de la musète – Hanneke van Proosdij

The musète (musette) from the Suite in C from Book I of the French organist and composer Jean-François Dandrieu (Paris, 1705). Live video from the Great Artists concert in San Francisco featuring the art and artistry of Millicent Tomkins. Dandrieu’s musète is written in a style that combines the drone harmonies of the bagpipes with a frisson of the scalar motifs of the carillon, and includes a set of variations (double) by the composer.

The harpsichord lid was painted by Bay Area painter Millicent Tomkins, adapted from works from the Dutch painters Jacob van Ruysdael (1628-1682) and Aelbert Cuyp (1620-1691). The harpsichord was made in Amsterdam by Johannes Klinkhamer, 1996, after the Ruckers-Goujon (1632/1742) instrument in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Other art works by Millicent on display at this concert include the grand painting in the center of the stage of the Golden Gate Bridge—which just celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Link to the Millicent and Tanya Tomkins interview:
Artist Millicent Tomkins is interviewed by her daughter, cellist extraordinaire Tanya Tomkins, as part of the Voices of Music Great Artists Series. In this full length interview, Millicent discusses many of her art works, as well as the background, history and influences of her works.

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