Matthew Locke: Incidental Music for ‘The Tempest’ – Le Concert des Nations – Jordi Savall

Le Concert des Nations, Jordi Savall

I. The First Musick: Introduction [00:00]
II. The First Musick: Galliard [00:58]
III. The First Musick: Gavot [02:41]
IV. The Second Musick: Saraband [04:16]
V. The Second Musick: Lilk [07:26]
VI. The Second Musick: Curtain Tune [08:22]
VII.The Second Musick: The First Act Tune ‘Rustick Air’ [13:03]
VIII.The Second Musick: The Second Act Tune ‘Minoit’ [14:22]
IX. The Second Musick: The Third Act Tune ‘Corant’ [15:47]
X. The Second Musick: The Fourth Act Tune ‘A Martial Jigge’ [16:44]
XI. The Second Musick: The Conclusion ‘A Canon 4 in 2’ [18:05]

Painting: Portrait of Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester by Peter Lely. ca. 1675

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