Mike Oldfield & Philip Glass: Airborne reprise – Platinum finale

This is my take to do a cover, of “Platinum” the 1979 Oldfield’s odd suite.

part 1:  https://youtu.be/EpqExl-oW_U
part 2:  https://youtu.be/frNZ2txU09E
part 3: https://youtu.be/36q587Uz57Y
part 4: https://youtu.be/P8VpyAsyt5E

After releasing the last of his symphonic-folk-rock opus, the complex “Incantations”, Oldfield did an almost complete turn both in his life and in his music. Emerging as a different person from an intense “Exegesis” seminar, Oldfield in fact started to write and record more outgoing end less introverted music.

At first he recorded “Guilty” – an up tempo radio-friendly instrumental piece based on the Incantantions harmonies – and then composed and recorded “Platinum”, his only album with some swing elements and the first to present disco influences (Platinum part 2-3-4).

I always had a strange fascination with this album, and when recently I learned the background of its genesis my fascination increased. So I decided to try to learn the whole suite to play it.

You can see/listen here the results. It’s not perfect and I wasn’t always strictly true to the original, but I hope you’ll like it.

If you enjoy this and you want to have the original Oldfield version you can buy it on Amazon or Itunes.


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