English Country Dances: 17Th Century Music – J. Playford, D. Douglass, P. O’Dette, A. Lawrence-King

English Country Dances – 17Th Century Music From The Publications Of John Playford (David Douglass, Paul O’Dette, Andrew Lawrence-King)

Original Release Date: May 10, 1998
Label: harmonia mundi
Copyright: (c) 1998 harmonia mundi usa
Total Length: 1:17:31
Genres: Classical

1 Tom Scarlett 2:59
2 Old Simon The King 3:44
3 Another Divison On A Ground By Mr. John Bannister 9:53
4 Moll Peatly, Or The Old Marinett 2:15
5 The Bear’s Dance 4:25
6 Hudson House 1:52
7 Sir Martin Marah’s Jigg 2:07
8 Fy Nay, Prithee John! 2:21
9 Paul’s Steeple, Or The Duke Of Norfolk 3:34
10 The Glory Of The West 1:37
11 The Mock Glory Of The West 1:53
12 The Glory Of The Sun 4:00
13 Faronell’s Division On A Ground 7:26
14 Prelude 1:16
15 Long Cold Nights 7:44
16 Johney Cock Thy Beaver: Scotch Tune To A Ground 2:30
17 Greene-Sleeves 3:47
18 Stingo, Or The Oyle Of Barly 1:09
19 Cockleshells 5:28
20 Another Division On A Ground By Mr. P.B. 3:25
21 The Queen’s Jigg 3:58

These selections of English Country Dances from the publications of the English music publisher John Playford are recorded and played so well as to relegate any criticism to spoiled grapes. Perhaps a musicologist might carp on some fine points, but then again probably not – musicologists actually enjoy a good tune, too. There is a nice couple pages of notes by Jack Ashworth on the historical background of the music, and a further short page by David Douglass on how he envisioned the ‘nature’ of several of the pieces. There is also a French translation following the English notes. Seven instruments are mixed higgledy-piggledy as the performers deem best – a copy of a 1652 Amati Violin, and copies of a Theorbo, a Cittern, a 16-string harp, an Italian Double Harp, an Irish Harp, and a Guitar. For the curious Douglass plays the violin only, but offers playing consanguineous with his name.
Among the choices cut 15 – “Long Cold Nights” – seems almost New Age in its evocation of the heavens: one might be in Big Sur looking up at the stars. The many other pieces come in divers moods and tempi, with great care given to which instruments are employed. It’s difficult to imagine anyone disliking such engaging tunes, such joy in their making. The recording is of course digital so it helps to have a system capable of taming the inevitable string stridencies, but that said – if you like music from this period, or are curious, this CD offers a wonderful selection.

Painting: The Country Dance – Jean-Antoine Watteau, 1684-1721

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