Johann Sebastian Bach: Easter Oratorio BWV 249 – John Eliot Gardiner – English Baroque Soloists – Monteverdi Choir – Hannah Morrison – Meg Bragle – Nicholas Mulroy – Peter Harvey – Royal Albert Hall

J. S. Bach’s Easter Oratorio: Sir John Eliot Gardiner , 2013
Sir John Eliot Gardiner conductor

Hannah Morrison soprano, Proms debut artist
Meg Bragle mezzo-soprano, Proms debut artist
Nicholas Mulroy tenor
Peter Harvey bass
Monteverdi Choir
English Baroque Soloists (pre-1977, Monteverdi Orchestra)
London, PROMS 2013
Royal Albert Hall …

The Easter Oratorio opens with a Sinfonia that pitches a trio of trumpets against consorts of woodwinds and strings, and a poignant Adagio for solo oboe. Scored for similar forces.
The ensembles that took Bach’s cantatas to 14 countries in their Bach Pilgrimage of 2000 return to the Royal Albert Hall for a Late Night Prom.
Sir John Eliot Gardiner, 70 this year, directs the internationally renowned Monteverdi Choir and English Baroque Soloists.

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