Henry Purcell – The Fairy Queen (Z.629) – Les Concert des Nations – Jordi Savall

THE FAIRY QUEEN (Z.629), a semi-opera in 5 acts, by Henry Purcell.
1st performance in London, Dorset Garden, on May 2 1692
Libretto by Anonymous, after Shakespeare

I. 1st music: Prelude
II. 1st music: Hornpipe
III. 2nd music: Air
IV. 2nd music: Rondeau
V. Overture
VI. Jig

VII. Suite: A prelude
VIII. “A bird’s Prelude”
IX. Echo
X. A Fairies Dances
XI. A dance for the Followers of Night
XII. Air

XIII. Suite: Prelude “Love’s a sweet passion”
XIV. Overture symphony while the swams come forward
XV. Dance for the Fairies
XVI. Dance for the Green men
XVII. Dance for the Haymakers
XVIII. Hornpipe

XIX. Symphony: Prelude, Canzona, Largo, Allegro, Adagio, Allegro
XX. Entry of Phoebus
XXI. Air

XXII. Suite: Prelude
XXIII. Entry dance
XXIV. Symphony
XXV. Monkey’s dance
XXVI. Chaconne, Dance for the Chinese Man and Woman
XXVII. “Fifth act tune”

Performed by Les Concert des Nations
dir. Jordi Savall


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