Leopold Mozart (Edmund Angerer): Toy Symphony, Berchtesgadener Musik Kindersinfonie – Toronto Chamber Orchestra / Kevin Mallon

EDMUND ANGERER (1740-1794) [attributed to LEOPOLD MOZART]

First version with three movements from the Cassation for two oboes, two horns, trumpet, ratchet, nightingale, cuckoo and drum, strings and basso continuo in C major

I. Allegro – 0:05
II. Menuetto – 4:31
III. Finale: Presto – 8:21

Kathy Halvorson (ocarina)
Brian James (wooden trumpet)
Elizabeth Johnston (recorder)
Ben Grossmann (hurdy-gurdy)
Edward Reifel (snare drum & bird whistle)
Michelle Hwn (ratchet & shakers & triangle)
Paul Zevenhuizen, James Aylesworth, Sandy Baron, Floortje Gerritsen-Huston, Bethany Bergman, Elizabeth Johnston, Elizabeth Loewen Andrews, Dafna Ravid (violin I & II)
Anthony Rappoport, Theresa Rudolf, Karen Moffatt (viola)
Katie Rietman, Amy Laing, Mary-Katherine Finch (violoncello)
J. Tracy Mortimore (double bass)
Kathy Halvorson, Brian James (oboe I & II)
Chris Gongos, Diane Doig (horn I & II)

Toronto Chamber Orchestra / Kevin Mallon (conductor)

Naxos 8.570499 – DDD

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