Music of Scotland: Lord Aboyne’s Welcome or Cumbernauld House; Voices of Music

Francesco Barsanti’s “Lord Aboyne’s Welcome,” published in Edinburgh in 1742, arranged by Voices of Music and performed on original instruments. The tune was printed with the title “Cumernad [Cumbernauld] House” in 1760 in James Oswald’s Caledonian Pocket Companion. Live, HD video from the Art of the Recorder concert, February 2014.
The musicians (left to right)
Hanneke van Proosdij,recorder
Carla Moore, baroque violin
Elisabeth Reed, viola da gamba
Rodney Gehrke, baroque organ
Peter Maund, frame drum
Cheryl Ann Fulton, baroque triple harp
David Tayler, baroque guitar
Lord Aboyne’s Welcome arranged by the musicians of Voices of Music

Francesco Barsanti came to London in 1714, where he performed in the London orchestras. He married a Scotswoman and got to know the folk music of the North, which resulted in some of the most beautiful settings of these tunes.

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