Patrick Street – Music for a Found Harmonium

Patrick Street’s version of Music for a Found Harmonium from the album Irish Times.

This article is about the band. For the street in Cork, Ireland, see St. Patrick’s Street.
Patrick Street
Kevin Burke.jpg

Kevin Burke of Patrick Street in 2007
Background information
Origin Dublin, Ireland
Genres Irish folkfolk
Years active 1986–2010
Associated acts The House Band
Battlefield Band
De Dannan
The Bothy Band
The Dubliners
Sweeney’s Men
Members Andy Irvine
Arty McGlynn
Kevin Burke
Jackie Daly

Patrick Street is an Irish folk group.

The band was formed in Dublin in 1986 with Kevin Burke (formerly of The Bothy Band) on fiddleJackie Daly (De Dannan) on button accordionAndy Irvine (Sweeney’s MenPlanxty) on bouzouki and vocals, and Arty McGlynn (Van Morrison) on guitar. McGlynn later left the group, and other members were added: Ged Foley (The House BandBattlefield Band) on guitar, and Declan Masterson on uilleann pipes and keyboards. They have also played with Donal LunnyBill Whelan and Enda Walsh. Jackie Daly left shortly after recording On the Fly. On this album John Carty joined the band. Arty McGlynn joined the band again after Ged Foley left.

In 2008, the furniture company MFI used Patrick Street’s cover of “Music for a Found Harmonium” (originally composed by Simon Jeffes from The Penguin Cafe Orchestra), in the background of a TV advertisement.[1] The same track was used near the end of the movie Napoleon Dynamite, as well as in the movies Goodbye First Love (Un Amour de Jeunesse) and It’s All Gone Pete Tong.


  • Patrick Street (1986)
  • No 2 Patrick Street (1988)
  • Irish Times (1989)
  • All In Good Time (1993)
  • Corner Boys (1996)
  • Made In Cork (1997)
  • Live From Patrick Street (1998)
  • Street Life (2002)
  • On the Fly (2007)


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