Piotr Ilitx Txaikovski : Overture 1812 (Full, Choral) (Sure, best version ever) – Ashkenazy

Famous and very realistic. The choral contributions are very spectacular and effective. And the cannons are as they should be: not blazing out the music ! This is not cannons with behind them overture 1812.

In this transcription by American conductor Igor Buketoff the following changes and additions were made:
The opening segment, God Preserve Thy People is sung a cappella by a choir.
A children’s or women’s choir is added to the flute and cor anglais duet rendition of At the Gate, at my Gate.
The orchestra and chorus unite in the climax with a triumphant version of God Preserve Thy People and God Save the Tsar.

See Also: Slavonic March with cannons: :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWuEH…

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