Philip Glass – Aguas da Amazonia (HQ)

Philip Glass Aguas da Amazonia – Full

This is the full CD copy of the album Aguas da Amazonia by Philip Glass.
Originally composed as a dance score for a ballet company of Belo Horizonte (Grupo Corpo), following the introduction between Uakti and Philip Glass by Paul Simon, it draws inspiration from the Amazon waters with tones of classical, new age and jazz music. The track listing dedicates each song to one of the rivers plus Metamorphosis.

1. Tiquiê River 00:00
2. Japurá River 1:42
3. Purus River 6:26
4. Negro River 14:09
5. Madeira River 18:31
6. Tapajós River 22:31
7. Paru River 25:21
8. Xingu River 29:46
9. Amazon River 34:49
10. Metamorphosis 42:16

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