“Powaqqatsi” – Music by Philip Glass

Clip taken from “Powaqqatsi”, second film “Qatsi” from the Hopi’s-trilogy by Godfrey Reggio.
“Serra Pelada” is a gold mine in Pará (Brazil) whose images are the opening of the documentary. Sandbags with tiny golden proportions are carried in lay procession human beings seem rather slave workers. At the end of the scene miners try to help a comrade beaten by a falling rock, while denouncing the poor conditions of work also symbolizes the “impact of progress”.
From OST “Powaqqatsi” (1988) by Philip Glass
Music by Philip Glass (release 1987)
Conducted by Michael Riesman
Performers: Hispanic Young People’s Chorus; Percussion Ensemble: Joe Passaro, Sue Evans, Roger Squitero and Valerie Naranjo.

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