Flight of the Bumblebee – Canadian Brass

Sheet Music – http://bit.ly/XosPml & http://bit.ly/Zbw4D1 (Tuba Bumblebee BQ version)

This 2012 video, “Flight of the Bumblebee,” is the title tune on CANADIAN BRASS’ premiere Steinway & Sons label release, and, the first recording with all of the new permanent members of the ensemble: Chuck Daellenbach (tuba), Chris Coletti and Brandon Ridenour (trumpets), Achilles Liarmakopoulos (trombone) and Eric Reed (horn). After 40 years, the BRASS have maintained a remarkable consistency in their style and virtuosity, even as the individual members have gradually changed.

Nominated for a Juno award in 2013, “Canadian Brass Takes Flight” is the first recording featuring the Brass’ new, gold-plated Conn-Selmer & Bach instruments. The repertoire includes favourite encores, new arrangements, and world premieres. As with their other recent releases, this disc is an audiophile sonic blockbuster, produced by Dixon Van Winkle and MB Daellenbach.

Brandon was inspired to write this arrangement of “Flight of the Bumblebee” for his colleagues by the trumpet and piano arrangement he and his father Rich Ridenour created for their own duo.

Canadian Brass would like to thank FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings) for their assistance on this album.

One thought on “Flight of the Bumblebee – Canadian Brass

  1. Retroenllaç: Providence Brass perform at FUMC Richardson

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