The Ivory Consort – Live! (NYC) Kalenda Maya

One of many Troubadour songs that crossed the Pyrenees, sung in Occitan, played on period instruments. Founded in 1990, the Ivory Consort here performs music of three faiths, Christian, Muslim and Jewish, from medieval Occitan, Spain and Portugal.
Visit us at…⇒_Ivory_Consort.html
Members of the Ivory Consort:
Jay Elfenbein: director, rebab, vihuela d’arco, vielle, voice
Dennis Cinelli: bass oud, saz, mandora, gittern
Rex Benincasa: percussion, hurdy-gurdy,voice
Margo Gezairlian Grib: voice, vielle, percussion
Daphna Mor: zurna, recorder, ney, percussion
Haig Manoukian: oud

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